Discover a haven of ethically sourced treasures at Highest Buddha, where fair-trade principles meet vibrant festival and hippie-inspired gifts. Immerse yourself in a world of conscious consumerism as you explore a diverse collection ranging from handmade crafts to soul-soothing incense. Each product tells a story of sustainability and social responsibility, ensuring that your purchase not only brings joy but also supports communities and artisans around the globe. Welcome to a marketplace where mindful gifting aligns with a bohemian spirit.

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  • Rainbow Teapots and Teacups, plates and sugar bowls

    Rainbow Ceramics

    Shop Our Range of Alternative Rainbow ceramics These wonderfully cheerful rainbow ceramics will brighten up any home.  The vibrant stripes are handpainted, giving each piece of pottery an individual character. 

    Rainbow Ceramics 
  • Highest Buddha fair-trade gifts and presents

    Fairtrade Gifts

    The Highest Buddha offers a wide range of quirky, unique and beautiful gifts which are fairly traded from around the world.  Many have been handmade by skilled craftworkers, using traditional techniques passed down from generations.

    Gifts and Home Furnishings 
  • Grateful dead tee shirts UK seller Fast delivery | Original Grateful dead Tee shirts

    Grateful Dead Tee Shirts

    The Highest Buddha stockist of officially licensed Grateful Dead  Tie Dye Tee shirts. Grateful Dead, by name of the Dead, American rock band that was the incarnation of the improvisational psychedelic music lead by Gerry Garcia

    Grateful Dead Tee Shirts 
  • Kuumba Made Fragrance oil Vanilla Bean and patchouli

    Kuumba made Fragrance

    Kuumba Made Fragrance oils,Nurture your body with our exquisite fragrance oils, botanically-infused skincare, and artful aromatherapy. Our innovative formulas are developed by our team of herbalists.

    Kuumba made 
  • Bounty Himalaya soap

    Organic Soap & Tea

    The Hippie Buddha offer a range of hand-crafted soaps made from the highest quality ingredients and natural fragrances.  Our soaps are palm oil free & ethically sourced from Nepal and France. 

    Bounty Himalayan Soap 
  • Song Of India fragrance Oils Creams and resins

    Song Of India

    Song of India’s wellness and fragrance products are a celebration of natural and holistic living. In an endeavor to strike a delicate balance between the body and mind. Hand Made and Eco Freindly.

    Song Of India 
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  • Incense & oils

    Hippie Buddha imports incense and oils mainly direct from Nepal and India.  There is nothing like
    the smell of good quality burning incense to help you relax, relieve stress and aid meditation.  We stock a huge variety of high-quality incense made using natural organic ingredients.

    Our oils are sourced from two companies, Kuumba
    Made and Song of India.  Both these companies use natural and organic ingredients, and the oils are of the finest

    Incense and Oils 
  • Jewellery

    Hippie Buddha source fairly traded Tibetan and South American jewellery from India, Nepal and Peru.  Of course, we do not sell real jewellery from Tibet, that’s too difficult to get. but from the many Tibetan communities in Nepal, and from India we import jewellery that is made as it is worn by the Tibetans for generations.  Every Tibetan piece of jewellery is deeply connected to the rich Buddhist culture. This is reflected in the mantras and symbols on them, including our bracelets and pendants.

  • Bells & Musical Instruments

    Hippie Buddha has a great range of various bells and chimes including authentic Indian ankle bells, Nepalese Buddhist ghanta bells and a selection of unique windchimes in a multitude of sizes. 

    We also stock a small selection of musical instruments to help create a wealth of sound effects.  From fun Flutes, Maraca and Tambourines to our beautiful range of hand beaten Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tingshas that help aid meditation and healing.

    Bells & Music