Collection: Nitiraj Incense

Nitiraj Incense is made in a totally different way using raw and natural ingredients. In their own words; 'We firstly select the finest raw ingredients that would include spices, herbs, resins, fragrant woods, flower petals to name a few. These ingredients are then ground into a powder form and mixed with honey and aromatic oils to make a dough like mixture. This pliable dough is then rolled onto a plain bamboo stick and coated with aromatic wood powder so that the wet sticks do not stick to each other. This is a traditional method which dates back hundreds of years and we are keeping that tradition alive. This method produces a clean burning and pure incense free of the diluting chemicals that are used in mass produced 'dipped incense.

The ranges include Nitiraj Original Incense and fragrance oil, Nitiraj Platinum Incense, Nitiraj Masterpiece Incense and Nitiraj Colour Champa Incense.