Collection: Incense Holders & Backflow Burners

Hippie Buddha stocks a varied and wide great range of different incense holders from around the world. They vary from the simple ash catcher styles to the beautiful Traditional Tibetan hanging Incense burners.

We love the smell of good quality incense at Hippie Buddha☮!  To effectively burn incense, it’s wise to purchase an incense holder.  It is rather common for incense sticks or incense cones to tumble over, leaving ashes over your furniture.  You can probably guess what we recommend: an incense holder!  It stabilises your incense and makes sure the ashes are caught properly.

Hippie Buddha also offers a range of cool backflow burners that are becoming increasingly popular.  The smoke that flows down in these incense burners creates a mystical atmosphere.  How exactly does that work?  Smoke normally always rises, of course. With an incense backflow burner, you use special cones. These cones have an opening in the middle and the air in the tunnel is relatively cool.  Cool air descends, and so the smoke flows down.