Collection: Hop Hare Vegan Beauty

Hop Hare invites you to explore elegance, where Vegan Beauty intertwines with Mystic Charm and Gemstone Grace.

The term "hop" in the name "Hop Hare" evokes a sense of lively movement and boundless energy. It suggests the idea of leaping forward with joy and enthusiasm, symbolising the brand's commitment to vibrant and dynamic products. It represents a hop, skip, and jump towards sustainability, ethical choices, and creative self-expression.

The inclusion of the word "hare" adds a touch of mystique to the brand name. Hares have long been associated with magic, intuition, and transformation in various folklore and mythologies. They are often depicted as symbol of abundance, prosperity and good fortune. The hare's swift and agile nature mirrors the brand's focus on delivering products that are both comfortable and versatile, enabling individuals to move freely through their daily lives.