Collection: Song Of India

Song of India Fragrance and Essential Oils

Highest Buddha stocks a range of products made by Song of India.  Song of India are an established company that produce some of the finest fragrances and high-quality oils we can find.  They use age-old traditions of formulating beautiful scents using essential oils, drawing inspiration from rich cultural heritage, nature, and the ancient science of ayurveda. 

Fragrances include organic solid perfumes and room sprays with beautiful scents of Amber, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Orange and Patchouli.  The perfume oils come in beautiful hand blown bottles with natural scents of Sandalwood, Jasmine, Patchouli and Rose. 

We also stock Song of India Incense Resin that last for years and come in a beautiful handmade wooden box.  Perfect as a room fragrance, or for carrying around wherever you go.

All Song of India products are hand-made the organization also supports more than ten thousand families in India.  With the help of sales from Song of India products, they have adopted several children from distant villages of Rajasthan, India who are very poor and/or lost one or both parents and are financially struggling for education. These children are provided with all necessities including school uniforms, stationary, school fees, transportation, extra tutoring, medical, vision and other necessities to prosper in their individual visions.