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Health Balls Dragon & Phoenix 4 cm Baoding balls

Health Balls Dragon & Phoenix 4 cm Baoding balls

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Health Balls Dragon & Phoenix 4 cm Baoding balls

PLEASE NOTE: this item comes in various colour boxes, (red blue& green) I can only send what is available at the time of ordering if you have preference please MSG me before you place your order with your colour choice and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

It was emperor Jia Jing in the sixteenth century, who ordered a profound study of these Health Balls. What looks like an ordinary game, turning two metal balls in the palms of your hands, is in reality a kind of healing technique. The life energy flowing though our bodies is called Qi. This energy is channeled through the meridians, energy channels inside our body; these are connected with the body's organs and senses. In the palms of our hands are also energy points, and by turning the balls in our hands, these points are being stimulated, and the released energy will flow through the meridians to all body parts. This way, healing or improvement of ailments can be accomplished (but in no way it is a solution for every illness). These balls are available in various sizes; start with the smaller ones, and try and roll the balls alternately to the left and to the right. If this is going well, then try and roll the balls without letting them touch each other. When you have mastered this skill, then change to the bigger size. With these you can learn to turn them even on your fingertips. After some time you will notice your hands and fingers becoming suppler.

For many centuries, these health balls have been used in Chinese medicine in order to support the flexibility and the blood circulation in hands and fingers. By letting the balls circle around each other in one hand, the palm of your hand is being massaged and stimulated simultaneously. You should change the direction and the hand regularly. By freeing energy reserves, a holistic sense of well-being can be achieved. The ability to concentrate and inner strength will increase.
There is a sound mechanism inside the health balls causing a tender sound. Each health ball has a diameter of about 4 cms. They come in a set of two, in a padded brocade box of beautiful Chinese silk embroidery.

The chrome-plated steel balls are easy to care for, especially if you are an active practitioner. If you are going to leave the balls inactive for a time, treat them like you would the chrome on your car. Just use a light oil or automotive wax on their surface to prevent rust from forming.

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