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Le Chatelard 1802

Natural Marseille soap Lavender Flowers 300 gm

Natural Marseille soap Lavender Flowers 300 gm

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Le Chatelard 1802 Savon de Marseille Soaps -  lavender Block 
All soaps are handmade in Le Chatelard’s workshops in St Auban sur Ouvèze, Provence (France). Because of its neutral pH formula, which does not dry the skin, our soaps provide an intense source of hydration and softness. Delicately perfumed with flowers, fruit and other natural ingredients, they offer a rich lather that nourishes, moisturises and perfumes the skin.

Product specifications
72% vegetable oils
Natural mineral colorants
Formula at neutral pH
100% Bio-degradable
Does not dry the skin
Palm oil free
Not tested on animals
No preservatives, parabens, animal fats or anti-oxidants
No glycol ether, PEG or petrochemical derivatives

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