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Peruvian Inca Ocarina | 8 Hole Turtle Red

Peruvian Inca Ocarina | 8 Hole Turtle Red

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Experience the timeless sound of ancient cultures with these gorgeous ocarinas, handcrafted from fired clay in Peru. Adorned with vibrant, traditional designs, they are a favourite among musicians.

Each ocarina arrives in a beautiful display box, making it a unique addition to any collection. Rediscover the musical heritage of the Inca with these centuries old musical instruments.

Round shape flutes have been made for thousands of years from stone, wood, coconut and clay. Ornately decorated, and with a beautiful sound, these vessel flutes were used in ancient cultures to charm the birds, please the gods, and lift people into a higher state of consciousness. Historic examples are often designed to look like birds and other animals and can be used to imitate the sounds of the natural world. Such flutes are now known as ocarinas.

The name ocarina, meaning ‘little goose’, was first given to a musical instrument by Italian teenager, Guiseppe Donati, when he invented a submarine-shaped clay flute in 1853. He showed it to his friends and together they perfected an instrument that has been carried to all corners of the world.

Fair Trade & Hand made in Peru

Size: approx: 10cm × 10cm

How to play
Played properly an ocarina makes a beautiful sound. It is important to blow an ocarina correctly to create a clean sound and this begins with your breathing. You need to use belly breathing (diaphragmatic) while playing the ocarina. It allows you to play longer between breaths and improves your breath control.
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