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Thick Palo Santo Sticks | Natural Incense

Thick Palo Santo Sticks | Natural Incense

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There are few people who do not find Palo Santo a pleasant smell. This sacred wood, originating from areas of South America, has a rich spiritual fragrance giving off a warming scent with a hint of citrus aroma and a mix of woods. It's soft aroma brings a peace and calm energy.

Palo Santo is used to smudge: for purification purpose for your home and / or body of negative energy.

• Easy to burn in a smudge bowl
• The extra thick sticks burn more slowly, so that you can now enjoy the smell even longer
• Suitable for cleansing ceremonies
• The best alternative for those who find white sage less pleasant

Note: Fairtrade Green Tree product - We only use the wood of branches that have fallen naturally from the trees.
Weight: 100g
Burn time 1-2 hours
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