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Luxury Violet Soap Flowers | Set of 3

Luxury Violet Soap Flowers | Set of 3

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These violet soap flowers are carefully made with premium ingredients, to provide a bathing experience that radiates opulence.  They generate a lavish, velvety lather that gently cleanses the skin, leaving it nourished, silky-smooth, and immersed in a captivating, delicate scent.

These exquisite soap flowers are skillfully crafted to gradually dissolve in water, releasing a gentle fragrance that rejuvenates the senses and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and pampered.

These Craft Soap Flowers not only introduce an element of elegance to any bathroom decor but also make for captivating and thoughtful gifts. Their enchanting violet color and alluring fragrance make them a perfect choice for spa time!

Sold in Sets of 3 Roses |Size Each Rose: 7.5 x 7cm.

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